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Honeybee Planners Wedding Coordinators planner
Honeybee Planners Wedding Coordinators planners

We are an event design company passionate about transforming dreams into a reality!  Offering STYLING, DESIGN, PLANNING & COORDINATION services for weddings, parties, corporate events and everything in between. We’re here to support and guide you throughout the process.

We love bringing stunning weddings, events and parties to life on the South Coast of NSW.

Honeybee Planners Wedding Coordinators planner
Honeybee Planners Wedding Coordinators planner
Honeybee Planners

We're not your average wedding planners.

Nope, we're your wedding BFFs, your creative confidantes, and your party-starting, dance-floor-rocking dream team all rolled into one.


✨ Need help styling your big day with more pizzazz than a disco ball at midnight?


✨ Craving design that's as unique as your love story?


✨ Want to plan a wedding that's more "OMG" and less "OMG, what do I do next?”


✨ Dreaming of a coordination crew that runs your day as smoothly as your favourite love song?


Look no further, because that's our jam!


From dazzling decor to jaw-dropping concepts, we're all about turning your vision into a "pinch-me-I'm-dreaming" reality.

So, why choose us? Well, because life's too short for boring weddings! 


Ready to turn your day into an unforgettable experience? Let's chat!

Honeybee Planners Wedding Coordinators planner

We look after everything, from transportation to the DJ after midnight. For the busy customer, the corporate event, the overseas client, and the ones who trusts the professionals. The all-inclusive package.

It can be very overwhelming trying to find the style that best suits you, think about selecting suppliers who offer the best value and wisely allocating your budget. Any wedding planner will tell you that this is always the insider tip for managing expenses.

Detailed run sheets, ceremony rehearsals, cueing of the bridal party, MC, and speeches, and oversight of all set-up and pack-down needs are only the beginning. We are problem solvers and solution finders by trade.



Inquiry sent and we check our availability.



During the consultation, we will discuss your vision, budget, and requirements for the event.



Review the proposal and sign our service agreement if you choose to proceed.

At the time of booking, a deposit of 25% is required



We sink our teeth in and the process officially begins. We care about the details, the experience and the overall success of the day.

Honeybee Planners Wedding Coordinators planner
Honeybee Planners

We work alongside an incredible variety of vendors and suppliers ensuring only the best are provided. In addition to Weddings, whether a small celebration or luxe event, you can trust that Honeybee Planners will create a concept that is customised and unique to you.

Honeybee Planners Wedding Coordinators planner

Corporate Events

Whether you need a memorable media launch, a fab Influencer lunch, or a team celebration, our planners and stylists would love to help.


Post Wedding Party, Recoveries, Brunches and Picnics, we have you covered. Hens Parties and Bridal Showers are a HOT fav! Engagement parties, Christmas Parties, pops 80th... - you name it! 

Speak to us if you are organising a post wedding soiree or recovery brunch. We can help you with set up and hire for everything from glassware, to tables, chairs, decor and coordination.

Honeybee Planners Wedding Coordinators planner
Honeybee Planners Wedding Coordinators planner

HOME Dining Experience


Why not host your next luxury, intimate celebration dinner or lunch from home? Honeybee Planners have made it all so easy and effortless. You won’t need to lift a finger. We have put together gorgeous styling packages and catering options making at home entertaining so easy.


- Full table styling including glass wear, plates, florals and candles.

- Delicious selection of at home catering. Choose from either a drop off package or choose to have a personal chef and waitstaff.

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